Welcome to Juniors in Literacy (1983)

Toronto's Original Children's Literacy Program

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Welcome to Juniors in Literacy

Toronto’s First Literacy Program for Children

We welcome you to Juniors In Literacy (1983). You are here because you are interested in us, and quite possibly in fulfilling your vision in community service activity. So be blessed and be encouraged and accompany us on our journey.



We have now celebrated our 33rd year of Literacy services in Canada, having pioneered Toronto’s first Literacy Program for Kids. You will be taking a bird’s eye view of the growth and activities of our Program, and specifically within a self-help mandate at the community level.  So we are categorized as a Social Service Provider.

Monies have never exchanged hands because there was never a focus on money. However, we have mastered the art of placing high value on recyclable resources, i.e. volunteers, shared facilities, books. We have done this for 33 years, and have served in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario.

A Leader with a Call and a Vision, walks through doors that only the God Force could open, and serves as only led and sustained by a Higher Power.

Synergy is supplied by Donors, Volunteers, Parents, and the growing children whom we serve.

Read how these same children are now taking the mantle of self-help, the yoke of responsibility and giving back in service to their community.

Juniors In Literacy (JIL 1983) is truly honoured and you are welcomed.

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Juniors in Literacy (1983)


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